Lean High-Throughput Tissue Processor





Incomparable flexibility: any tissue, any cassette. Continuous operation day and night.

MAGNUS is the result of Milestone putting its 30 years of experience to use, resulting in a patented hybrid processing technology.

Lean by Design. MAGNUS is the processor with the highest uptime by design. It does not require paraffin transfers, saving time and potential blockages. There are no cleaning cycles and a reduced consumption of reagents overall, delivering dramatic cost savings.

Safe by Design. It runs xylene-free, enabling long paraffin reutilization. Additionally, it checks alcohol purity before every step using the (optional) reagent sensor.

During the day, MAGNUS runs urgent biopsies in short, fully automated, continuous loading processes.

During the night, MAGNUS runs as an advanced, resistant heated, processor. It also allows the user to set fixation time to fulfill all CAP/ASCO guidelines for assessing HER-2, ER and PgR testing.





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